Adventure Touring Bukit Lawang

Adventure Touring Bukit Lawang: discovering the beauty of Sumatra

Bukit Lawang

Bukit Lawang, a small riverside village in the Sumatran rainforest of Indonesia, is a paradise for adventurers and nature lovers. Nestled on the banks of the Bohorok River and surrounded by dense jungle, this ecotourism destination offers a wide range of exhilarating outdoor activities and unique wildlife encounters. From exploring the lush wilderness to interacting with the critically endangered orangutans, Bukit Lawang promises an unforgettable adventure for all who visit.

The ultimate ecotourism destination

Considered one of the best ecotourism destinations in the world, Bukit Lawang offers visitors a sustainable and responsible way to engage with nature. The village is a great example of community-based tourism, with local guides leading hikes and providing an in-depth understanding of the surrounding ecosystem. This approach ensures that tourism benefits the local economy while preserving the natural environment.

Immersive jungle trekking

Jungle Hike in Bukit Lawang

Jungle trekking is the highlight of any visit to Bukit Lawang. Exploring the lush rainforest with an experienced guide is an adventure like no other. Hikes can range from short half-day excursions to more challenging multi-day expeditions, catering for all fitness and adventure levels. Along the way, hikers have the opportunity to encounter diverse flora and fauna, including the iconic orangutans swinging in the treetops.

  • Guided by experienced locals, visitors can learn about the plants and animals that call the jungle home.
  • The opportunity to spot a variety of wildlife, including Thomas’s leaf monkeys, gibbons and hornbills, adds to the excitement of the hike.
  • The stunning views of Gunung Leuser National Park from different viewpoints in the jungle make the trekking experience truly impressive.

Encounters with orangutans

Orangutans in Bukit Lawang

One of the most unique experiences in Bukit Lawang is the opportunity to observe orangutans in their natural habitat. The Bohorok Rehabilitation Center, located near the village, is dedicated to the rescue, rehabilitation and reintroduction of these magnificent creatures. Visitors can witness the playful antics of orangutans and observe their behavior up close, providing a rare and intimate encounter with these endangered primates.

  • Guided orangutan viewing tours allow visitors to observe the animals while minimizing disruption to their natural routines and habitats.
  • Understanding the conservation efforts and challenges faced by Sumatran orangutans provides a deep understanding of the need to protect their environment.

Practical information for visitors

For travelers planning to visit Bukit Lawang, it is important to be well prepared for the adventure that awaits them. Here are some practical tips to consider:

  • Climate: Bukit Lawang’s climate is tropical, with hot and humid conditions throughout the year. It is essential to pack light, breathable clothing suitable for outdoor activities.
  • Accommodation: There are various eco-friendly guesthouses and lodges in Bukit Lawang that offer a range of accommodation options, from budget dormitories to private wilderness bungalows.
  • Local Cuisine: The village has a variety of local restaurants offering traditional Indonesian dishes, providing an opportunity to savor the flavors of Sumatran cuisine.


Adventure travel in Bukit Lawang offers a unique blend of adrenaline-pumping activities and meaningful encounters with nature and wildlife. It’s a place where conservation and exploration intersect, offering visitors a deeper understanding of the natural world. From jungle treks to orangutan encounters, Bukit Lawang captures the essence of ecotourism while promising an unforgettable adventure in the heart of Sumatra.

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