Bukit Lawang’s Top Drinking Spots

The best bars in Bukit Lawang: where to relax in North Sumatra

Bar in Bukit Lawang

When visiting the lush and vibrant Bukit Lawang region of North Sumatra, it’s essential to explore not only its natural wonders, but also its vibrant drinks scene. Whether you’re looking to relax with a cold drink after a day of hiking, mingle with other travelers or immerse yourself in the local culture, Bukit Lawang has a range of drinking spots to suit all tastes.

Bars by the river: immersion in the beauty of nature

Riverside bar in Bukit Lawang

One of the most popular ways to relax in Bukit Lawang is to visit the quaint riverside bars that offer stunning views of the Bahorok River and the surrounding rainforest. These bars provide an idyllic setting to enjoy a refreshing drink while being surrounded by the sights and sounds of nature. Visitors can sip a cold Bintang, Indonesia’s most famous beer, while watching the sun set below the horizon or simply relax and listen to the river flowing gently nearby.

  • River View Bar: Known for its relaxed atmosphere and comfortable seating, this bar is a favorite with tourists and locals alike. It offers a wide selection of drinks, including cocktails and fresh juices, and is a great place to socialize and meet new people.
  • Bohorok Riverside Cafe: This laid-back establishment is perfect for travelers who want to enjoy a drink while admiring the beauty of the river and jungle. It’s a great place to relax after a long day exploring the natural wonders of Bukit Lawang.

Local Warungs: immersion in Indonesian culture

Local warung in Bukit Lawang

For a more authentic drinking experience, visitors can head to local warungs, small family-owned businesses that offer a variety of food and drinks. These establishments provide insight into the daily lives of the Indonesian people and are a great place to enjoy traditional drinks and mingle with the friendly locals.

  • Kopi Tjikini: This cozy cafe is a favorite of locals and tourists alike for its delicious coffee and welcoming atmosphere. Visitors can enjoy a cup of freshly brewed Sumatran coffee while engaging in conversations with the friendly staff and customers.
  • Warung Sunda: Known for its selection of refreshing drinks, including traditional herbal teas and iced drinks, this charming warung is the perfect place to discover local flavors and relax in a relaxed setting.

Jungle Bars: Relaxation after an adventure

Jungle Bar in Bukit Lawang

After a day of hiking through the dense rainforest or spotting the captivating wildlife of Bukit Lawang, visitors can retreat to one of the jungle bars to enjoy a well-deserved drink in a unique and adventurous setting. These bars provide a great opportunity to share stories of the day’s adventures with other travelers and exchange tips and recommendations for further exploring the area.

  • Jungle Inn Café: This popular establishment is a favorite of hikers and nature lovers. It offers a warm and relaxed ambiance, making it a great place to enjoy a cold beer or a refreshing cocktail while recounting the day’s experiences and planning the next adventure.
  • Jungle Rock Café: Set amidst lush greenery and towering trees, this bar offers an enchanting setting for visitors to relax and connect with nature. It offers a diverse selection of drinks, including locally brewed beers and tropical cocktails, making it a must-visit destination for those looking for a unique drinking experience.

Summary: Embracing the drinking culture of Bukit Lawang

In conclusion, Bukit Lawang’s drinking scene offers visitors a diverse range of options to relax and immerse themselves in the rich natural and cultural environment of this enchanting region. Whether you prefer to sip a drink while admiring the river views, chat with the local community at a warung or share adventure stories at a jungle bar, the best bars in Bukit Lawang provide the perfect setting for relax, socialize and create lasting memories. during your visit to North Sumatra.

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