Hidden Gems of Danau Toba

danau toba

Danau Toba, located in North Sumatra, Indonesia, is the largest volcanic lake in the world and a popular destination for domestic and international tourists. While the lake itself is a stunning sight, there are a number of hidden gems in the surrounding area that are often overlooked. From unique cultural experiences to off-the-beaten-path attractions, Danau … Read more

Discovering Bukit Lawang’s Hidden Gems

bukit lawang

Discovering the hidden gems of Bukit Lawang: unveiling the beauty of North Sumatra Bukit Lawang, located in the Indonesian province of North Sumatra, is a small riverside town that has become a popular destination for travelers looking for an authentic jungle experience. Although the famous Sumatran orangutans are the main attraction, Bukit Lawang has hidden … Read more