Top Places to Stay in Bukit Lawang

Best accommodation in Bukit Lawang

Bukit Lawang Sumatra

Bukit Lawang, located in North Sumatra, Indonesia, is a small riverside town that has become a popular destination for nature lovers and adventure seekers. The city is famous for its proximity to Leuser National Park, a UNESCO World Heritage Site, and for the opportunity to observe wild orangutans in their natural habitat. If you are planning a trip to Bukit Lawang, it is important to choose the right place to stay to make the most of your experience. Here are some of the best accommodations in Bukit Lawang.

Miss Alam Hotel

I miss Bukit Lawang Hotel Nature

Rindu Alam Hotel is an eco-friendly accommodation that offers a serene and tranquil environment amidst the lush greenery of the surrounding rainforest. The hotel is renowned for its comfortable and spacious rooms, excellent service and stunning views of the Bohorok River. Guests can also enjoy delicious Indonesian and Western cuisine at the hotel’s restaurant and participate in various nature-based activities, such as hiking and tubing.

  • Eco-friendly accommodation
  • Serene and quiet environment
  • Comfortable and spacious rooms
  • Excellent service
  • Stunning views of the Bohorok River

Green Hill Hotel

Green Hill Boutique Hotel Bukit Lawang

Green Hill Boutique Hotel is a charming and comfortable hotel located in the hills overlooking the picturesque village of Bukit Lawang. The hotel offers tastefully decorated rooms with modern amenities, a beautiful garden and a stunning infinity pool with panoramic views of the rainforest. Guests can relax in this idyllic setting while enjoying delicious meals at the hotel’s restaurant, which serves a mix of local and international cuisine.

  • Charming and cozy hotel
  • Tastefully decorated rooms with modern amenities
  • Magnificent garden
  • Superb infinity pool with panoramic view
  • Delicious local and international cuisine

Bukit Lawang Ecolodge

Bukit Lawang Ecolodge

Ecolodge Bukit Lawang is a unique, eco-friendly accommodation that offers a blend of traditional and modern architecture. The lodge is nestled in the rainforest and offers guests an immersive nature experience. The spacious bungalows are equipped with comfortable furniture and the open-air restaurant serves organic and local dishes. Guests can also participate in eco-friendly activities such as wildlife viewing and guided hikes led by experienced local guides.

  • Unique, environmentally friendly accommodation
  • Blend of traditional and modern architecture
  • Immersive experience in nature
  • Comfortable bungalows with organic and local dishes
  • Ecological activities and guided hikes


When visiting Bukit Lawang, choosing the right place to stay is essential for a memorable and enjoyable experience. Whether you prefer eco-friendly accommodation, boutique hotels or immersive rainforest lodges, Bukit Lawang offers a range of options to suit every traveler’s preferences. Whichever accommodation you choose, you will have the opportunity to immerse yourself in the natural beauty and wildlife of Sumatra.

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